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Psychological Services

Individual Therapy

We provide individual therapy to adults seeking healing tools and techniques to cope with trauma, emotional distress, relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression, panic, boundaries, and identity difficulties, amongst other issues. We use a variety of therapy tools and techniques, as well as years of professional experience to help you live your best life and own your mind, mindset, choices, and life.

Couples Therapy

In couple’s therapy sessions, we’ll work to solve current problems and improve emotional intimacy, communication and trust. Get in touch to book an appointment.

Coming Soon

Comprehensive Psychological Assessment 
• QME Evaluations• Diagnosis Clarity Assessment• Bariatric/weight loss surgery assessment

Group Therapy

We will provide specialty group therapy for individuals to create a more expansive network and relationships to better understand how they cope with their difficulties. These groups may be process-based where group members share about their emotions or they may be psychoeducation-based where the facilitator/clinician provides information on a specific topic or they may be a combination. These groups may be offered as the need develops. The group topics may be: anxiety and depression management, healthy relationships and boundaries, co-dependency, dual diagnosis, etc.

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